This beloved military brand just launched in Walmarts

America’s personal care company is the tagline for Bravo Sierra and it fits.

This beloved military brand just launched in Walmarts

America’s personal care company is the tagline for Bravo Sierra and it fits. Though this made-in-America brand got its start in the military space of commissaries  and exchanges, it’s evolved into not just service member approved products – but a way for civilians to purchase with a purpose, too. 

Justin Guilbert may not be a veteran himself but he spent his early years surrounded by those who serve and their families. His grandfather, John T. Becker served in the Pacific during World War II and in the mid-80s took on the role of Chairman for the USO. 

“I think he was first in line to understand that the sacrifice had been made by both folks that were deployed as well as their families, and had pretty much decided the fate of his life and his generation,” he explained. “He always kept that front and center. And I think that idea was embedded in all of us.”

Guilbert’s mother and father (who is French) relocated to Paris where she ran the USO chapter out of the Pershing Hall. “Growing up, [our house] was a bit of a free Airbnb for deployed troops that were crossing around Europe, needed a good spot to hang out for Thanksgiving, or wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and not have to pay for a bed. My bedroom saw a lot of different shapes and sizes and I got evacuated to my sister’s room,” he laughed. 

He found himself looking up to a lot of military guys, mostly Marines. Guilbert spent his childhood crossing Europe visiting the hallowed grounds of Normandy and battlefields from the world’s wars. Despite the heavy military influence, he went the civilian route. 

From Goldman Sachs to tech startups and even a long stint at L’Oreal, he did it all. In 2010, he formed his own company, Harmless Harvest, selling organic coconut water. It quickly exploded and is now a leading national food and beverage brand.

“In 2015, I was fortunate enough to be able to leave the day-to-day and think about what I really wanted to do with my life,” he shared. “This country gave me the opportunity to succeed. I live in California, I married a wonderful woman, I’ve got two American kids. I’m thriving because of this country and I’m very grateful. Now my idea was how to return that. And that’s why this project started.”

The project? Bravo Sierra. 

Personal care built for the warriors of this country with clean ingredients and made right here in America. To come up with their current lineup, they had over 2,500 military members field test them all. The result was a line of products curated for the military, built to stand the intense training and responsibilities of service members across the board.